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Piran Partners provides clear, practical and straightforward advice to clients in the converging mobile, media, retail and financial sectors.

Our specialisations are in Cards and Payments alongside Mobile and Telecoms. It’s our unique ability to bridge these two worlds with our deep expertise and experience that adds significant value for our clients. We therefore offer a suite of services that address the most challenging and significant issues facing businesses today.

Our Mobile expertise enables businesses to capitalise on the revenue streams that can be achieved by placing mobile technology and mobility at the heart of business strategy, while our Cards and Payments team empowers our clients to navigate the rapid change and increasing complexity characterising this area.

Against this background of expertise we approach our consultancy engagements from a wholly commercial perspective, implementing solutions that solve problems, create deeper customer relationships and drive results through commercial value.

The Piran Partners’ team consists of world leaders in the field, and works with an impressive client list of Mobile and Virtual Network Operators, Banks, Retailers, Media Companies and Vendors.

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